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Find Your Own Stock Picks With the Best Market Screener. Screen and Scan the Market with Highly Customized Fundamental and Technical Patterns and Filters. Research and Monitor Your Picks with Real-Time Advanced Quotes, Comprehensive Chart Reading, Unlimited Watch-list, Live News, and much more.

What makes it awesome

ScreenerPro is powerful and uniquely designed to provide such an easy one-touch-done screening and comprehensive stock research for you anytime and anywhere.

Easy To Use

Create screener groups, set scanners and filters, and screening starts right away. Everything is automatically saved for you.

In-Depth Research

Screened results are presented in easy-to-read list with detailed real-time quotes. Save results to well-managed watch- list and perform further research like chart analysis, alert notification, etc.

Powerful Screening

Screen with 1,500+ scanners and filters and define your own criteria combinations.

Cloud Based

Backup unlimited screeners and watch-lists to cloud and restore them to multiple iOS devices.

Some screenshots

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Perform customized fundamental and technical screening, check real-time advanced quotes, get detailed research on stocks and chart study, and manage unlimited watch-list.
Plan your trade well!


Best Stock Screener Out There
A one stop shop for all my investing needs. It really does have it all. Massive amount of filters, ability to save various filter combinations as a large array of screeners. Good market coverage (but please add UK if you can), watch lists, integrated company news (inc filings) and info. A pleasure to use & a massive help. Saved me from writing my own screener. Keep it up guys!

Best scanner I've found by far.
It is fast and provides all the flexibility one needs to find the best stocks to meet their needs.
John Gridley

Great program, great price.I start my day with this screener to get ideas for my day. Quick to load as well.

This app really help me on searching stock I want. Hopping every new version will give me more surprise.

Better than other apps
Pleasantly surprised with this app. The 'screeners' that you can search by for me as a day trader are helpful; For example I can set a screener (filter) to show companies that are announcing quarterly profits before the market open, with a set value range and so on. For me that kind of information is really helpful. It's quick and easy to use with nice charts, good filters that are all user changeable, combined with quality information on the companies. Recommended.

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